Friday, November 10, 2006

Severina On Schedule

Yet another Večernji list interview for Severina, who's had a busy week - in between performing Moja štikla in a rock arrangement during a big Boris Novković concert in Zagreb, and rehearsing her role as Baroness Castelli in a new production of the classic Croatian play Glembajevi.

Next she'll be off on a tour of North America, where the Congress Theatre in Chicago is apparently billing her as the 'Croatian Madonna.' (That's the 21st-century singing one, not the 1st-century praying one, whose Croatian incarnation is already quite well spoken for by a certain Tatjana Matejaš.)

Otherwise, Severina has little to add to last week's interview with VL which finally indicated the contents of her made-in-Belgrade album. As she says this time:

'The new songs shouldn't be compared with 'Štikla' [...] Maybe what the album does have in common with 'Štikla' is that those little amateur orchestras from Županja, Daruvar, Solin, and Kaštel will perform on it, like the ojka singers from Sinj and the Matić brothers performed on Štikla. And on one lovely tamburica song Zlatni dukati are also appearing for me.'

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At 7:21 pm, November 11, 2006, Anonymous kasia said...

My name is Kate. I from Poland. I don't speak english very good but I understand. I listen music Seve 7 mounths. I don't have any Original CD 's Seve becouse is very hard to buy it in Poland. I think is Seve the beast singer. I first time see Severina on Eurovision. I search polish fans, and I find 5 people :D I have question for you, can you write me a letter and in this letter can you give me information abaut Severina and her contert's, becouse I don't uderstand Croatia leanguages. My dream is have original CD Severgreen and photo with autograph. I hope so I go in Croatia, and watch concert LIVE… Maybe for year...


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