Thursday, March 09, 2006

Comeback Of The Week: Tajči

Via Index, news of Tajči, the 1980s predecessor of Maja Ĺ uput (etc.) who represented Yugoslavia at Eurovision when Zagreb hosted the contest in 1990, or 'the Britney Spears of her native Croatia' according to her US press coverage. Now known as Tatiana Cameron, Tajči lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and according to the city's newspaper, The Enquirer:

'Tatiana Cameron, a former pop star from Croatia, will present her Lenten concert program, "I Thirst - The Crucifixion Story," a mix of traditional, contemporary and original music, at several Greater Cincinnati Catholic Churches.

'Tajci, as she was known in Europe, left stardom and fame to come to the United States at age 21 to follow her faith. She began sharing it through song.

'"When I came seriously to Christianity as a teenager, the crucifixion story spoke to me and my heart tremendously. The people and Christ reached out to me in a non-judgmental and loving way, and I want to do that for other people," she said.

Her I Do Believe project will shortly be coming your way if you're located in Iowa City, Dr Luka Kovač's home town of Chicago, or more than a dozen other northern US cities where her website invites you to 'share the power and the passion: the Concert Events that are sweeping America'. Depending on the time of year, churches can book 'THREE shows for the seasons of faith by the international artist who is inspiring a nation to believe again': Emmanuel for Christmas, I Thirst for the Easter period, or Let It Be: Mary's Story for months not so well-served by the Gospels.

Not to worry if you're nowhere near Iowa City, Chicago, or et cetera: Tonći and Vjekoslava Huljić (responsible for Jelena Rozga's Ne zovi me Marija, and many more songs in the same vein) have probably written secular versions of all of these.


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