Monday, October 23, 2006

The Dream Job, Continued

Via Bosnia Vault, here's an interview at Pop Matters with the Bosnian film director Danijela Majstorović about her 2005 documentary Posao snova (The dream job).

Posao snova follows a young Bosnian Serb woman's entry into the Serbian turbofolk industry as a backing vocalist, punctuated with interviews with various folk professionals such as Lepa Brena and sevdah star Hanka Paldum.

Majstorović says that 'I thought it would be good to explore the pop culture because it's where you can really see the patriarchy, and corruption and women almost desperate to make the most in such a deviant society.' There's certainly a wealth of material in her subject, and the film came highly recommended by East Ethnia when it was shown in Zagreb this February.

London-based readers will get the chance to see for themselves on 3 December when Posao snova screens as part of Riverside Studios' annual Bosnian Film Festival - also presenting Grbavica, Karaula (the first film to be co-produced by all the Yugoslav successor states - so arguably as Bosnian as it is anything else), and Go west - the latter a three-line whip for any fans of Tarik Filipović, gay Yugoslav cinema and/or emergency cross-dressing.

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