Monday, October 02, 2006

Croatia On Chalga

Talking of Bulgaria and turbofolk, Jutarnji list in Croatia has noticed that the latter is rather popular in the former, now that there's a Ceca Ražnatović-shaped hook for it to be hung on.

Not failing to mention that the Bulgarian leg of Ceca's Rainbow Tour didn't actually work out as well has had been expected, JL's woman in Sofia devotes most attention to the local chalga scene which has taken root 'even though Serbian narodnjaci are there valued as the authentic ones, and therefore better quality to the domestic ones' - and the starring role of 'the eroticised Lepa Brena and Ceca' in inspiring Bulgarian pop-folk, so that now:

'Chalga is the local name for turbo-folk, and in recent years Bulgarians' cultural landscape cannot be imagined without turbo-folk. Narodnjaci surely aren't the best thing that Bulgaria is bringing into Europe, but currently they are the loudest thing a European hears when he enters the new future member of the EU.'

Or maybe candidates who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?

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