Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Around the Blogosphere

Running a quick Technorati search on Ceca Ražnatović while compiling the last post, the Gazette came across a blog on the World of Oriental Dance Music, which took yesterday's transnational theme to a deterritorialised, probably diasporic conclusion.

Odd to see Jelena Karleuša, Ceca, Ivana Kindl, Rihanna, Elena Paparizou and Alazán all together somewhere which isn't my in-tray. (Does Kindl know she's being included as 'oriental'? Although, if she didn't want to be, she shouldn't have premiered the song in question from a sedan chair.)

The Gazette will be keeping an eye on newish covers blog PopEatsPop as well, in case any more posts like this head any further into its sort of territory...

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