Friday, September 29, 2006

Severina: It's A Matter Of Time

Today's Večernji list is announcing an unauthorised biography of Severina, to be written by tabloid journalist Vedran Strukar. Interestingly, the news has actually come via Serbian tabloid Blic (link for today only), which also reports that Severina's post-Štikla album - music by Goran Bregović and lyrics by Marina Tucaković - should be due out in December. (Probably not one for Lidija Bajuk's Christmas list.)

Blic says that unnamed 'friends of Severina' in Croatia have (very apparently) heard the new songs and said that they 'have stayed faithful to the style of music which shocked Croatian music critics on "Moja štikla"':

'Asked whether the album was ethno, our source smiled: "What you call ethno over there in Serbia, for us, that's turbofolk!"'

Tucaković's involvement with the album was first quietly announced at the end of July, although nobody seemed to notice at the time, or make what would be, for a populist tabloid, the obvious connection to Tucaković's client Ceca Ražnatović. Večernji list, however, has finally noticed that:

'Brega, who worked on 'Štikla', will continue in a similar tone, and Marina, who otherwise also works with Ceca, is responsible for the lyrics.'

Didn't it all start last time around with Croatian and Serbian tabloids swapping throwaway comments like that?

Just wait until Blic/Svet/Kurir/Press/etc happens to transcribe lyrics from the album into ekavica....

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At 1:39 pm, October 02, 2006, Blogger Haiduc said...

Hi! I have just discovered your blog. I am a fan of Balkan music, which I try to follow as much as I can. It is not very easy task when you live in Spain, but internet helps :)
I have found several interesting posts in your blog and I promise to go through some more of them.
Congratulations and see you soon!


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