Monday, June 12, 2006

Two For The Price Of One

Anyone who had already had enough of Severina's Moja štikla ought to look away now: the song's first version, Moj sokole (My falcon), has been accepted for the Splitski festival competition and will appear in the second semi-final.

Moj sokole is better known as the first version of Moja štikla, produced before Goran Bregović became involved. It's still not quite clear why Sokole's patriotically-themed lyrics (mountains, wheat, olives, heroes, homeland: present and correct) were exchanged for Štikla's folk-music parody, except that they apparently didn't fit the rhythm once Bregović had done his thing.

According to Severina's manager, Tomislav Petrović:

'She'll appear in the second semi-final of Splitski festival, the song ought to be premiered on Croatian Radio, and we're not intending to make a video for the moment. Although this was the first attempt at Štikla, it's actually unbeliavable how different the arrangements are. Otherwise, Severina's working on her new album now, and soon she's off to Germany for the World Cup.'

There's no response, as yet, from any of Splitski festival's other 31 contestants (in fact, the festival organisers still haven't announced who they are), but one can easily imagine that some performers might not feel too welcoming towards a song with the greatest head start possible in publicity terms. (See: most editions of the Gazette this year to date.)

There's the question, too, of whether the whole of the audience will take Moj sokole as appropriate for Splitski festival's well-known Dalmatian character - although the song's musical origins in inner-Dalmatian folklore were frequently emphasised (and debated) during the Štikla case.

Meanwhile, very efficient readers should be able to hear the song played on Zlatko Turkalj-Turki's HR2 radio show (link via Seve Fan Club) - or, no doubt, at every opportunity in the Croatian media for the next month and a half.

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At 4:07 pm, July 05, 2006, Anonymous SeveFanClub said...

Severina canceled her performance at Splitski festival with her song "Moj Sokole"! more at SFC

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