Friday, December 01, 2006

Otherwise Comeback of the Week: Vanna

The Croatian singer Vanna, formerly of ET, is releasing her first new material for four years - the end of an even longer absence than Thompson's, if you count his 2003 song in honour of Pope John Paul II. Accordingly, she's given an extensive interview to Večernji list, in which she reflects on stardom in a country where 'you can see me every Saturday on Kvaternik Square buying tomatoes' and where singers only find space on the state broadcaster HTV if they're presenting talk shows:

'I understand that we miss those 1990s when there was Croatian music on HTV every day, we remember the war years alone when the news and Croatian music were the only programming. Don't get me wrong, I don't want the times when we just had the news and music to come back, but allow me to remember the times when Croatian music experienced its most shining moments.'

Meanwhile, Magazin's first song with new lead singer Ivana Kovač will be Neću plakat' namjerno, which 24 sata is helpfully previewing today. Chances are it might appeal to anyone who enjoys post-2000 Doris Dragović (rather than the harder stuff), or, the tabloid points out, one or two numbers by Ivana's dad.

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At 12:24 am, December 21, 2006, Anonymous igor said...

Yeah, NATO should bomb Yugoslavia more often, PTC was showing the best Serbian sitcoms at that time, though then they were bombed and we couldn't see them anymore around here.


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