Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Miscellaneous Update Day

It's Dan Republike today, which Jugoslavija Yugoslavia Jugoslawien is naturally commemorating.

Irena Maryniak, writing in Eurozine, is casting an eye over Polish representations of migration. Anglo-Polish diasporic media, and, of course, the figure of the famous plumber.

Continuing the diasporic theme, via Global Voices Online, an insight into how Armenian diaspora televoting works.

Croatian headline of the week is 'Sve je isto, samo playbacka nema' (It's all the same, only there's no playback'), from a Jutarnji list retrospective on the annual Zagrebfest. Musical story of the week, meanwhile, is probably the arrival of the reunion tour by the Macedonian rock group Leb i sol.

And don't miss the Bosnian Film Festival (starting tomorrow with Ahmed Imamović's Go West) if you're in London.

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At 3:13 am, November 30, 2006, Blogger Eric Gordy said...

In the US, the largest wave of Polish migration came to the Midwest, where industry was expanding at the time. There followed an explosion of jokes in which the "Polish" object of ridicule was portrayed as naive, unsophisticated, and so on. None of these jokes are worth repeating (and if my guess is right, they have died out and you will, thankfully, never hear any of them retold), but they make for a decent illustration of the thesis that ethnic jokes are really class jokes.

At 11:30 am, November 30, 2006, Blogger Catherine said...

I expect I could now hear most of them in Margate, Folkestone etc.

Except that the standard white working-class slang expression for new Polish workers etc. in south-east England seems to be 'Kosovars'...


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