Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cikla Nikla, Cikla Nikla

Ante Cash, a rapper from Imotski, is promoting his forthcoming album Idemo u varos by pre-releasing one of the tracks, Moja cikla (My beetroot).

Currently available on 24 sata's website, it does for the gajde what Shorty's Dodji u Vinkovce did for tamburica, with less in the way of ethno-politicised history and more in the way of satirising Severina's road to Athens. (There's competition for the Ante Nacionale title, of course, but isn't that the point?)

24 sata profiled Cash, aka Ante Vlašić, in December 2005, when he was sending a copy of his first album U ime oca i novca (In the name of the father and money) to Mr Gotovina himself and, 'since he also sings about injustice against war veterans [branitelji], expects that all patriots who love General Gotovina will listen to him'. As Cash explained at the time:

'My name's Ante anyway, and I come from Imotski, so it was completely to be expected that I'd become Cash. That name's the bomb! Like all Imoćani, I too sympathise with the general so the first thing I'll do at this time is - send my album to him in The Hague.'

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