Friday, November 16, 2007

All Change At HTV

The game of musical chairs which has been going on at HTV since Vanja Sutlić took over as director of the Croatian broadcaster has finally extended to the Entertainment department, where Aleksandar Kostadinov has resigned.

Marija Nemčić has already been replaced as director of HTV by Domagoj Božidar Burić (the husband of Nemčić's predecessor), and Hloverka Novak-Srzić (director of programming in the late 1990s) returned from an mixed year at Nova TV to become HTV's new news editor.

Jutarnji list speculates Burić has already nominated Kostadinov's successor in the shape of TV presenter Mirko Fodor. With the autumn schedule well under way, the immediate tasks ahead of Fodor (or anybody else) will be to prepare the department for the digital era (HTV3 for entertainment and sport, and HTV4 for rolling news) - and to reform HTV's flagship Dora project so that it produces a Eurovision finalist again...

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At 10:54 pm, March 14, 2008, Anonymous daki said...

I wonder how you know that much aboute Croatia. Sory, my english sucks.

At 8:19 pm, September 16, 2011, Anonymous Bennett said...

Well, I do not really imagine it is likely to have effect.

At 4:11 pm, December 07, 2011, Anonymous Jayson said...

Surely, the dude is absolutely fair.
Cockentrice (A Marvelous Beast)


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