Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Eurovision: Picture Worth A Thousand Words

The Serbian broadcaster RTS has come up with its logo for Eurovision, and the word from Belgrade 2.0 is that it's really quite a shocker.

According to RTS, the designers have chosen 'to create a group of different signs which are united by similar symbolism: Music, Serbia, Europe, Love, Youth, Happiness...', and which probably look an awful lot like a purple plum, a yellow trumpet, a green quaver and a pair of pink lips to you and me.

The full set of sixteen symbols (Ireland's RTÉ will be pleased to see one of them resembling a shamrock) can be combined in various ways so that: 'Instead of one sign which is static and always the same, a whole string of dynamic signs have been invented.'

Didn't we go through this with the London Olympic logo?

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At 3:55 pm, October 16, 2007, Blogger Chig said...

Ah, but to be fair, the Serbian symbols all look quite pretty. The London 2012 logo just looks cheap, ugly and unfathomable to the untrained eye.


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