Friday, October 05, 2007

Fashion Report

Ex-Yugoslav cover version of the month: Bosnian/Croatian girlband Feminnem and Croatian schlager starlet Maja Šuput getting together on a version of Pusti, pusti modu (Get your fashion on) - originally a hit for Zdravko Čolić some 25 years ago, and now revamped to promote the annual Cro-A-Porter fashion event. (Šuput has a bit of previous in this department, having stood in for Tajči on a cover of Sedamnaest mi je godina a few years ago.)

They probably still have a way to go to match Swedish electro-trio Pay TV's new single Fashion report, which Don't Stop The Pop is all excited about:

'The sublime lyrics of Hakan Lidbo predicts, theorizes and travails the world and its wonderful ethical codes, political labels and designer mistakes. In the song we are presented dialectics placed directly on the dancefloor. This is the queer kind of strut that the likes of Judith Butler of the Departments of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature at Berkeley once demanded in her groundbreaking text Gender Trouble and The Politics of the Performative.'

Or more succinctly:

'This is a world where saving the world is a capitalist venture and can only result in air pollution. They are right.'

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