Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Let 3: Trouble In Travnik

So, the current state of the Croatian-Bosnian cultural flow seems to be as follows: one batch of a dozen showbusiness-folk singers (with a handful of reinforcements from Serbia) heads one way, and one controversial Rijekan art-rock group Let 3 heads the other.

Or possibly not: a Homeland War veterans' organisation has predictably enough condemned the Folk revija concert scheduled for 7 March in Zagreb (although with the 5,000 tickets rapidly selling out, the 'poor sales' excuse for a diplomatic cancellation isn't going to wash), and Let 3's 24 February concert in Travnik is under threat after the new director of the local Cultural Centre revoked their right to use the hall with not much more than two weeks' notice.

Emir Maličević was apparently concerned at the group's tendency to strip naked on stage and its effect on 'the proper cultural education of the young people who would attend the concert' - although Let 3's gimmick these days, in line with their most recent album Bombardiranje Srbije i Čačka (The Bombing of Serbia and Čačak) - is turbo-punk covers of newly-composed folk music performed in a variety of hyper-Balkan national costumes. (Which they intend as the highest possible degree of irony, and surely not as folk music for people who would never listen to folk music.)

After the ban was confirmed by Travnik council at the weekend, Željko Komšić - the Croat member of the Bosnian state presidency - has now intervened in defence of Let 3, arguing that Bosnia-Herzegovina's international reputation would be threatened by 'any kind of ban in the sphere of culture and the arts' and that 'I know Travnik has never been, nor will it be, a "dark vilayet [Ottoman province]" as some ill-intentioned people want to present it.'

The organisers of the Travnik concert, Alter Art, are collecting messages of support on their website (166 of them, at last count), including a response from the marketing and promotion manager of Let 3's label Dallas: according to Mario Grdošić, 'few people in the civilised world today do not understand creative and artistic freedom, and the basic principles of good pop provocation - and he adds that despite the title of the band's last album they have successfully sold out their concerts in Belgrade and other Serbian cities, plus an appearance at the 2006 Exit festival in Novi Sad.

Alter Art are currently vowing that the concert will go ahead - if not at the Cultural Centre then at another venue. And as for Folk revija? All systems seem to be 'go', despite opposition from Narodni radio's authentic-folk-music DJ Drago Rubalo, who complained to Jutarnji list:

'When was the last time you saw [tamburica singers] Kićo Slabinac or Vera Svoboda on HTV? Domestic television's music programming is too serious and viewers need musical education to follow it. We're dealig with high culture, and on the other hand countless Bosnian and Serbian TV stations, which are accessible 24 hours a day in Croatia as well, are playing turbofolk. People need a rest and
detachment from the grey reality of everyday life, and unfortunately they're finding it on Serbian TV stations.

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At 4:31 pm, February 22, 2007, Anonymous nETsOLDIER said...

Pozdrav, Katarina. S obzirom da znam često posjetiti Tvoj Blog, dođem sada i što vidim?

Interesantno je kako su LET 3, kako kažeš u tekstu zadnjeg posta - prmiskuitetni, skidaju se na stage-u, vulgarni su i pjevaju svašta.

Zanimljiva je činjenica kako Turbo Folk zvijezde poput Indire Radić and co. nemaju atribute "promiskuiteta", a same su obučene poput prostitutki - samo što se ne skinu gole!! Samim ovim ulazimo u duboko licemjere odgovornih ljudi koji su zabranili koncert - da se iste skinu gole, sa zadovoljstvom bi svi to prihvatili, najnovije marke mobilnih telefona sa VGA kamerama bi radili punom parom.. Ali kada se ekipa iz LET3 skine bar do pasa- oni su "Balkanski primitivci, kontroverzni punkeri koji loše utječu na društvo"...

Na TurboFolk okupljanjima će uvijek više biti golotinje nego na bilo kojem koncertu LET3- ne samo razgolićenih seljanki na sceni, već i onih malih, polu-protitutki koje "daju" za par pića i "jedan krug u BMW-u"...

Eto, zato ne podnosim TurboFolk...

Nadam se da si razumjela tekst...
I hope you understood this,
best regards, Davor.


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