Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Folk Sans Frontières?

So that's Vuco in Dora, and now - if one can believe everything one reads in Kurir - a whole crowd of Serbian pop-folk singers are getting ready to play the Dražen Petrović basketball arena in Zagreb, rather than the out-of-town nightclubs and discos they've appeared in until now.

Seka Aleksić, Viki Miljković, Hanka Paldum, Indira Radić, Miroslav Ilić, Šaban Šaulić, Šerif Konjević and various others are among the names very tentatively mentioned by the Serbian tabloid, in an article calmly headlined 'Folk singers are charging towards Zagreb!' - at sufficient pace to arrive by late February or early March, according to Braco Zatezalo from Bijeljina's TV BN, which floated the idea in the first place.

The Gazette will believe it when it happens, though...

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