Friday, December 29, 2006

Comeback Of The Week: Zdravko Čolić

Via Jugoslavija Yugoslavia Jugoslawien, Tamara Skrozza in Vreme marks the release of Zdravko Čolić's new album Zavičaj with an overview of his career:

'Among the petty Cecas, Leontinas and Joksimovićes, who pride themselves on their voice, build or status, Čola still remains untouchable. There are no music academies or producers who will drag Čola's vocal talents out of them; no evening classes which will teach them how Čola behaved in the age of his greatest fame; no magazine which will ever make a star out of them such as Čola has been and remained...'

And at least Čolić, unlike Seka Aleksić or Jelena Karleuša, has never felt the need to start a fashion line...

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