Saturday, January 13, 2007

Zagreb Slang: What Goes Around Comes Around

Today's Večernji list has a story on the latest generation of youth slang in Zagreb. In the usual Sve je isto, samo njega nema (It's all the same, only Tito isn't here) way of these things, the online commenters are pretty convinced that most of it comes from 1960s Sarajevo, Serbian films' Belgrade slang via Slavonia, and almost anywhere else other than originally from Zagreb.

UPDATE: Thanks Dejan for more on šatrovački back-slang!

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At 8:34 pm, January 13, 2007, Anonymous Dejan said...

A while ago I contributed a lot to an article about šatrovački on Wikipedia. And sure, slang, like "proper language", knows no borders.

Just an example: a while ago, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade had three distinct words for "get it" (kužiš, kontaš and kapiraš, respectively). I noticed that lately, most of Belgraders use Sarajevan "kontaš", and "kapiraš" seems to be getting out of fashion...


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