Monday, May 08, 2006

Quick Štikla Soundbites

Back in Štiklandija, today's Jutarnji list asks various showbusiness personalities what they think of Severina's chances at Eurovision in a little less than two weeks. (Nobody dared ask Vlatka Pokos, after last time.)

Sanja Doležal (ex-Fosil turned talk-show host) sees her in the top ten, showbusiness manager Zoran Škugor worries that the song will get lost 'in a sea of various folklore', and Mišo Kovač thinks that after Severina's extracurricular activities turned up in Bild, 'everyone will expect a call girl to turn up on stage, and instead they'll get an attractive girl with a happy, extreme song.'

Alka Vuica, who must be wishing she'd thought of Štikla first, thinks that Severina will 'either come back with her shield, or on it'. She's off to Athens, not Sparta, but we take the point.

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