Monday, May 15, 2006

On The Move Again

The Gazette is off for a quick break, so by the time it gets back, we should all have a clearer idea of whether Moja štikla has done what most of Croatia is either hoping or fearing it might do - and whether Opatija will need to build that sparkling new conference centre to be ready for hosting a Eurovision Song Contest by May 2007. (Doesn't Eurovision normally mean basketball stadia these days, though?)

There are going to be on-the-spot rehearsal reports from Schlagerblog and World of Chig all week, if you're really that interested; meanwhile, probably the last thing I'll have to say on Štikla before this time next week is that Severina and her team have incorporated yet another element of Croatian musical tradition (at least from a Eurovision point of view) into her stage performance.

That is, the disappearing costume as demonstrated by Danijela Martinović and Doris Dragović: or rather, Večernji list reports that 'Severina's dress will become a miniskirt during her song'.

I'm no expert on bunjevačko kolo, the latest addition to Seve's choreography, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't include that.



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