Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Turbo Video

What feels like several hundred Moja štikla articles ago, one short-lived line of debate was comparing the song to the last album by Rijeka rock group Let 3, a relentless spoof of masculinity and turbofolk entitled Bombardiranje Srbije i Čačka (The bombing of Serbia and Čačak). The CD's cover art shows the band members dressed (and undressed) in folkloric costumes, not to mention their trademark moustaches.

Moustaches aside, does this remind you of anything? Severina obviously thinks so: according to Jutarnji list, she intends to feature them in the video for Moja štikla, where they will stand in for her ganga-singing backing vocalists from Lado.

This ought to be good fun, but judging by some of the comments on the article online, it may be a riskier collaboration for Let 3 than for Severina.

Talking of videos, the Bosnian portal 24sata.info (not to be confused with the Croatian tabloid) reports that the promotional video for the BiH Eurovision entry (Hari Mata Hari's Lejla) will be directed by Pjer Žalica, director of the 2003 film Gori vatra, and filmed in various locations around Mostar, including the famous bridge.

According to Sabina Bačvić-Zečević, a spokeswoman for Bosnian television:

'Given that 'Lejla' is a BH version of Romeo and Juliet, the video will carry strong BiH symbolism and will entirely follow this year's slogan "It's time for Bosnia-Herzegovina". As the director Pjer Žalica's synopsis promises, the video material will be ambient. Žalica is foregrounding the natural and cultural variety [šarolikost] of this country and, of course, the brilliant interpretation by the performer, Hajrudin-Hari Varešanović.'

Without a pre-selection scandal in the manner of Dora or Evropesma, one might have forgotten that Macedonia was even participating in Eurovision this year. In fact, Elena Risteska was chosen on the same day as Severina to represent her country in Athens, and her Ninanajna is (again, sticking to a theme) a satirical song about Shakira, Madonna and, yes, turbofolk, something like Alka Vuica's Profesionalka.

Now, what does one need to do to get her to add a line about Severina?

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