Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Moja Štikla: Nothing To See Here

Non-Gotovina-related Severina news includes the fact that she is, as reported, filming the video for Štikla with the similarly-inclined rock group from Rijeka, Let 3.

Večernji list has photos from the set, but there's little to see other than the Letovci striking the same pose as Severina's backing vocalists from the Lado ensemble, and a green screen.

That's because post-production will turn the video into Severina dominating Zagreb with her štikla. Really.

Some incidental Gazette housekeeping at this point: I'm shortly off to Belgrade for three weeks, so I would say posts might be a little less regular than usual, but 'usual' and 'regular' are rather meaningless terms around here of late...

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