Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Moja Štikla: Peace At Last?

Maybe it's just that the weekly showbusiness supplements appear later in the week, but some Croatian newspapers are coming awfully close to passing a whole day without mention of Moja štikla. (To be fair, 24 sata is trying awfully hard to create a scandal from Goran Bregović having been in the same room as a version of Moja štikla which could potentially be interpreted as a message of support to indicted general Ante Gotovina; but keep it quiet, for goodness' sake, and maybe Kurir won't notice.)

One paper which has kept remarkably quiet even though Dora took place in its own back garden (i.e. Opatija) is Novi list, the daily paper published in Rijeka. Today, however, it has a marginally less obvious interviewee than the usual string of folk musicians or HTV officials: Rambo Amadeus, the alternative musician from Belgrade who coined the term 'turbofolk' in the late 1980s. And who has come to regret it:

'I christened that musical trend "turbofolk" and I feel like Nobel inventing dynamite and thinking it would be used for civil engineering, and people went to war with it. Or, more modestly, like Einstein creating e=mc2, and then they made the atomic bomb.'

As for 'whether Severina's song is Croatian turbofolk', Amadeus says that he has better things to do than comment; on the other hand, how widespread was the idea of Croatian turbofolk before a few days ago?


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