Friday, March 03, 2006

Dora 2006: Eight Down...

Severina has at least won something today: the title of the best-dressed woman in Croatia as awarded by today's Večernji list.

If the votes from the expert jury during last night's Dora semi-final are anything to go by, that might be the only thing Seve wins today: top marks for Tina Vukov (with a jazz song performed partly in Italian), Massimo Savić (among the nominees for MTV Adria's best act last year) and Magazin ('retro-schlager', according to Večernji list's critic Denis Leskovar) suggest a pretty clear signal for the woman described in yet another VL Dora article today as the 'queen of scandal'.

In all, Tina Vukov, Lana Jurčević, Massimo Savić, Danijela Martinović, Ivana Banficć, Magazin, Petar Grašo and Angels have qualified for Saturday's final; tonight's second semi-final will add another eight. Slovenian turbofolk acts Natalija Verboten and Atomik Harmonik, who were similarly sidelined by the expert jury in the Slovenian equivalent of Dora, will know how Severina is likely to be feeling in about six hours' time.


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