Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Polkaholiks Anonymous

Sretna nova godina to Gazette readers, and an apology for there being so few posts lately: the Gazette has actually been supposed to do some proper, although not unrelated, work.

The Glory of Carniola, meanwhile, has wished us all a srečno novo leto with this fetching picture of Natalija Verboten seeing in the New Year dressed as an emu, alongside the ominous news that Slovenian turbo-foursome Atomik Harmonik (yes, them) made it on to the German channel ZDF's New Year's Eve show.

Thanks to some detective work from Ed at Hej, Pane Diskžokej, it seems that Špega, Špelca, and the two guys whose names escape the Gazette touched down in Austria in April 2005 and made, errrr, number 64 with Turbo polka. Between then and now, one Mallorca summer season and one Oktoberfest has made them worthy of sharing conceptual space with DJ 'Hey, baby' Otzi and Global Kryner, and of working with the Italian team behind Eiffel 'Blue dabadidabadaj' 65.

Not afraid yet? Two words: Vanilla Ninja.

Remember, too, the spectacle of these four representing Slovenia at Eurovision with Polkaholik is only one national final away.


At 10:04 am, January 09, 2006, Blogger Ed said...

Hi Catherine,

Happy Christmas and New Year. I'm also back in the loop again now, so all the best for this coming 2006.

Take care,


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