Monday, December 12, 2005

You Try Making A Pun On Csikszereda...

Following Balkan Baby, who points out that he's been going for rather longer than I said he had), two more blogroll additions for the Gazette today.

First up is Csikszereda Musings from Andy H, a British guy living in the Szekely area of Transylvania. Despite the best attempts of Romanian bureaucacy, he's just married. He also likes chaotic football matches.

Also, yet another Europop blog from yet another Edward, this time Umlauts by Edward O. This one deserves special recognition for having a post on Vesna Pisarović's new album Peti on top of the page when the Gazette dropped by to have a look around. What the Umlauts team have to say about the Ukrainian pop chart is also looking rather encouraging for lovers of turbokitsch.


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