Friday, October 14, 2005

Comeback Of The Week: Annamaria

Vanished mid-nineties Cro-dance starlet Annamaria is planning a comeback, according to, and with an English-language album, no less. All You Ever Say, her first single since 1998, will introduce her CD No Side Effect, featuring a South African choir plus a rapper or two. Seems Turkish pop - stand up, Ivana Kindl and Stra┼ítvena žena - just isn't exotic enough any more.

This would be the point to reminisce about some classic Annamaria hit or other, but the Gazette would need to find one first. Little springs to mind except her 100% from 1997, which ended up on the soundtrack of the Croatian release of GI Jane accompanied by a video resembling Severina's Hrvatica on a fraction of the budget.

Meanwhile, Annamaria's record label MenArt have joined up with gossip mag Extra! to re-release Luka Nižetić's album under the new title of Extra! Premijera, with the promise of it featuring 20 intriguing art photographs of Luka wearing even less than usual.

Isn't it nice when a star knows his target audience so well?


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