Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Surrogate Eurovision Countdown Underway

Ed from Popjustice can't wait for the Eurovision gossip season to start, which is fair enough, because neither can I. He's keeping himself busy by predicting what each country will send before they send it, which means that right up until the final song selection deadline, he's going to know far more about the Turkish, Russian and Portuguese songs than anyone actually in Turkey, Russia or Portugal.

I'll be keeping track of these to see how many come true, because Ed has previous form with this sort of thing, including mentally putting a certain Katie Price down for the UK pre-selection Making Your Mind Up eighteen months before the silicone one squeaked her way to non-Javine-conquering ignominy.

I'm keeping schtum on what he's got planned for Geri Halliwell, until he leaks it...


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