Friday, October 14, 2005

Czhance Would Be A Fine Thing

Instant SMS on Wednesday afternoon from Prague where Ed hasn't been off the plane two hours, steps into a shopping centre for something to eat, and walks slap bang into an impromptu concert by Czech covers diva Helena Vondračková, one of umpteen events celebrating her 40th anniversary in the business. It's hard to convey the oh-my-so-God extent of this coincidence unless you've been hearing from him about La Vondračková on a weekly basis ever since mid-May.

Some readers might be vaguely familiar with Croatia's Tereza Kesovija, who's spent an extensive career covering light-entertainment standards such as The Winner Takes It All, I Have A Dream, and Time To Say Goodbye. Helena's spent a just as extensive one covering Time To Say Goodbye, I Have A Dream, and The Winner... well, you know what the winner does by now. Unlike Tereza, her repertoire also includes a version of Shaddap You Face that isn't half as bad as it should be.

But don't listen to her, cos she's gone all Do you believe in life after love?...


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