Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Comeback Of The Week: Adam Rickitt

Anyone remember Adam Rickitt?

He's the blond teen idol from late-90s Coronation Street who some bright record-industry spark attempted to relaunch as a UK version of Nick 'Backstreet Boys' Carter, before he came back to Corrie for the sole purpose of That Kiss. He still has an official site, but the Gazette can't bear to look.

Adam's an early candidate for Comeback of the Week because he'd rather like to be a candidate for something marginally more significant: the Conservative Party. BBC Online are reporting that he's on the list of wannabe candidates (also known, as of five seconds ago, as David, Pick Me!) who have made themselves available for constituency selection. Between Adam and Big Brother 6's resident Tory Derek Laud (want Derek to be the next PM? Well, someone does), the Conservatives are threatening to resemble a lineup for the next embarrass-a-minor-celeb reality show.

Hopefully, whoever gets through Big Brother's weekly task, sorry, the party leadership contest will knock some sense into this lot...

Thanks Glyn!


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