Monday, April 16, 2007

Irregular Blog Round-Up

Belgrade Blog and Bosnia Vault are supporting Dejan Anastasijević, the Serbian journalist whose home was attacked a few days ago.

And Dumneazu posts on the relationship between Hutsul/Ruthenian music (the source of a certain Ruslana's folkloric identity) and Jewish Klezmer music:

'Perhaps this is why Hutsul identity is so enticing to Ukrainian pop culture - it offers Ukrainian-ness without the Petlura massacres. It juxtaposes Ruthenian partisans fighting a guerilla war into the 1950s as opposed to the Ukrainian Wermacht divisions fighting for the Nazis. Notice: there is a severe historical difference between the Western Ukraine and the Eastern Ukraine, especially as regards violence aginst Jews. Should the inhabitants of the modern Ukraine be held responsible for history? What is Ukrainian history? And what will Ukrainian history become?'

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