Thursday, February 02, 2006

Magazin: Introducing Ana Pavić

The Croatian media has its candidate to replace Jelena in Magazin: Ana Pavić, formerly the lead singer of the Split group Viva.

However, all this came as news to Magazin, whose guitarist Željko Baričić expects the over-subscribed auditions to take at least another month. In fact, Pavić didn't even audition, Magazin now say, so expect the new girl to be anyone but her.

Once the new singer has found her feet, promotional concerts or 'a unique generational journey of Magazin through time' are planned to take place in Croatia, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Ljubljana, and Skopje. (No word on whether the process will take so long that they'll be obliged to add Podgorica.)

Today's Slobodna Dalmacija, suddenly quiet on the Pavić front, suggests a string of other Huljić projects, including a 'Mediterranean'-style soap opera set around a marina and intended to star a singer not unlike Doris Dragović, and a Cuban-themed musical.

And a return to Eurovision? Wait and see.


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